"I never go anywhere without my Root and Resin essential oil rollerballs!  I love all of the blends, and each definitely has a place in my daily life.  Being a New Yorker, I live with a lot of stress and anxiety. So as soon as I get into bed, I rub SLEEP or YOGI between my palms and rub the back of my neck, chest and temples, and the moment I close my eyes I am transported to my happy place and fall fast asleep.  I also bring a couple of these perfectly-sized bottles with me when I travel. As soon as I board the plane and settle into my seat, I roll the BREATHE or EASE on my palms, rub my hands together, place over my nose and inhale deeply. It instantly relaxes me, and allows me to bring a bit of home with me wherever I go!" -- Sarah K., Founder of Kasja


"Camellia's knowledge of aromatherapy runs deep and is evident in her high quality, well sourced blends. I use both Clearing and Grounding to start and end sessions with clients to help support their inner stability and calm. They absolutely love it and request for it every time. The Smudge Mist set is absolutely perfect adjunct to use in any healing modality!" -- Emma, MM Owner of East Village Spa

"I love my Yogi Blend! I use it in so many different ways. When I feel anxious, I simply roll it on my pulse points and it instantly centers me. In addition, it is my body scent! When I wear it out, I always receive so many compliments about how unique and wonderful it is. Thank you for creating Yogi Blend." -- Renee R., Hypnotherapist/Meditation Guide, Intuitive Life Coach