Meditation bundle containing palo santo essential oil, palo santo sticks, matchbook, Ritual Mist, Roll On Blends
Palo Santo Ritual Kit containing 100% palo santo essential oil, matchbook and Palo Santo wood sticks
YOGI Roll On blend containing 100% essential oils
100% cotton Root and Resin reusable pouch
WYTCH Roll On blend containing 100% essential oils


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A complete package for your meditation needs includes the following:

  • one 10 ml 100% Palo Santo essential oil
  • 4 Palo Santo sticks wrapped in hemp twine 
  • one Root and Resin matchbook
  • one 10 ml YOGI  Archetype Blend 
  • one 10 ml WYTCH Archetype Blend
  • packaged in a 100% cotton drawstring branded pouch