Plants + Planets | A Ritual to support Solar Eclipse energy 12.4.21

As you may know, the movement and cycles of planets in our solar system is no different or separate than from the cycles of the seasons and its influence on plants, flora and fauna. While the lunar phases of the moon is more palpable to us -- during a new moon, ocean tides tend to be low and during a full moon ocean tides swell high. 

On December 4th, there will be a new moon solar eclipse in the sky and astrologically what constitutes an eclipse is the fact that the moon is close to its nodes. "The lunar nodes are the two points where the Moon's orbital path crosses the ecliptic, the Sun's apparent yearly path on the celestial sphere" according to Wikipedia.  

This eclipse is conjuncting the south node in the sign of Sagittarius. The south node represents the past, old patterns and themes. And with the moon eclipsing the sun during this time it is an invitation to release and let go of something, someone that is depleting in your life or perhaps it is something that you have outgrown and moved beyond.

Think about what was going on for you in May of 2020 and what major events were happening. The cycle of that pattern is coming to a close on this solar eclipse. If you want to better understand what theme this is triggering in your natal chart, email me ( for a reading. 

The best way to tune into this eclipse theme is through the practice of ritual. If you like, follow these steps for the ritual that I am working with on this eclipse. 


  1. Clear your space with Opening Ritual Mist. The infusion of oils of sage, mugwort and cedar is cleansing for the room to set intention.
  2. On a charcoal burner, place a couple of frankincense resin teardops to burn. Frankincense sets the tone for the liminal internal space to open up in heart and mind. 
  3. Close your eyes and contemplate what you wish to let go of under this eclipse. What person, event, or situation is no longer a positive benefit in your life? 
  4. You may write this down or continue to hold it in your mind and heart and choose the right action around your decision.
  5. Sit in meditation for a 10-15 minutes and see yourself releasing this energy. 
  6. Close your ritual by using your Clearing Ritual Mist and mist over your body and around you. 
  7. Offer gratitude to end.