Dream Ritual Kit
Dream Ritual Kit
Dream Ritual Kit
Dream Ritual Kit

Dream Ritual Kit

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Intention: Relax your senses every night with an immersive experience of Dream scents and a guided Sleep Meditation produced and created by Renee, Creative Life Coach trained in Hynotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Dream Ritual Kit: What you will need are Dream Mist, Dream Ritual Blend, device (phone/speaker) to play meditation, headphones are preferable though not mandatory and a dark quiet space to drift into for the rest of your evening.

1. Have your meditation ready to play,

2. With your Dream Mist, pump 2-3 mists on your pillow and linens,

3. Take Dream Ritual Blend, gently shake and begin to roll onto soles of feet, heart center, temples, inner wrists and lastly into your palms and breathe in deep.

4. Start your guided meditative Sleep journey.

5. Enjoy beautiful dreaming.

Bundle includes:

  • 2 oz. Dream Mist
  • 10ml Dream Ritual Blend
  • Sleep Meditation


To learn more about The Soulful Coach meditations, and her upcoming full Sleep Meditation Course that will be available for purchase, please visit https://www.thesoulful.coach!