Plants + Planets: heart opening essential oils for the Leo new moon


Leo new moon


Today's August 8th energy is influenced by a new moon in the sign of Leo. It is a fortuitous day of intention setting for what you wish to manifest, cultivate, nourish, and attract in your life. The new moon is the beginning of an eight phase cycle of the moon's orbit and under the "new" phase, it is a great time for seeding or planting desires. The moon in the new phase when it is conjunct or next to the sun in our sky. Our ancestors were guided by these lunar patterns and create rituals to work with this luminary influence. 

The date 8-8 is particularly significant, known as the Lion's Gate portal, considered lucky and abundant. In numerology, the number 8 is connected to abundance and infinity, supporting expansion and possibility. Under the astrological sign of Leo, a bright, steadfast, bold fire sign, this new moon encourages us to shine from our heart and tap into our creative expression and potential. 

Here are some leading heart inspired essential oils to work with to empower your seeded intention. 

Petitgrain sur fleurs offers a wonderful top note aroma that has the scent of citrus blossoms. Grown throughout the Mediterranean, this essential oil is inspiring and brightening of the heart and soul. 

Helichrysum are little golden flowers and a favorite go to therapeutic oil that is useful in treating inflamed skin, trauma, both emotionally as well as physically. Helichyrsum comes from the two Greek words ‘Helios’ meaning "sun" and "chrysos" meaning "gold". It offers a dry, crisp, opening scent. 

Frankincense is a rich, brain activating oil that holds ancient wise reverence harkening back to the Egyptians that have been used during sacred ceremonies, rituals and rites of passage. It offers a warm, woody, slightly spicey sweet aroma that is known to support psychic awareness and greater intuitive connection. 

Working with the fire element and quality of the sun and moon in Leo, create your new moon ritual by:

      1. Light a candle, to set your space.
      2. Follow it with our Opening Ritual Mist to clear your space.
      3. Burn the incense or resin of frankincense.
      4. Complete this statement, " I am ready to create _____ (fill in the blank)." You may journal (pick up my favorite journal by Magic of i, meditate, pray, be silent.
      5. Hold your statement in your mind, connect to your desired essential oil, 1-2 drops into your palms, massage into your heart.
      6. Once you feel complete, hold your hands over your heart and repeat to yourself, " I am love, I am abundant potential." 

This Lion's Gate portal invites you to feel expressive and free, however creativity feels and looks to you, carve a bit of time and space for yourself to drop into it. 

Wishing you a glorious sun-filled new moon!