The SOMA Collection consists of seven anointing blends:
Breathe, Ease, and Sleep, YOGI, HERWOOD, STONEY CLOVE, and WYTCH. 
BREATHE Blend contains four purifying essential oils to help aid in clearing the sinuses and lungs and bring clarity and alertness to the mind. This brightening blend contains the essential oils of Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus radiata, Ravinstara, and Peppermint in a nourishing base of jojoba oil.
EASE Blend contains four dynamic essential oils that support muscle tension and strain in muscle tissue, bones, joints, and tendons. This blend contains the essential oils of Basil, Helichrysum, Marjoram, and Black Pepper in a nourishing base of jojoba oil.
SLEEP Blend contains four deeply calming essential oils to support deep rest and sleep for the mind and body. The penetratingly soothing blend contains the essential oils of Lavender, Mugwort, Roman Chamomile, and Marjoram in a nourishing base of jojoba oil.
The YOGI Blend was inspired by the savasana or corpse pose at the end of every yoga session. During the last pose of the class of rest and recuperation, the yoga teacher would come around anointing the forehead, a stretch of the neck and shoulders and apply a lovingly grounding scent to seal the practice. 
The HERWOOD Blend was birthed from the beautiful colloboration of new guest bed and breakfast hotel known at The Herwood Inn located in Woodstock, NY. Along with the owners, Em and June Atkins Paterson, we worked together to create a custom crafted blend that reflects the heart, pulse and personality of The Herwood Inn. Their essence captures a powerful, deep, floral sultry blend evoking the witchy feminist rock star,and echoes the longstanding spirits of Woodstock.
The STONEY CLOVE Blend originated from a wonderful colloboration and partnership with the owners of The Graham & Co., Martin Torres and Joe DiThomas in Phoenicia, NY. The fragrance invokes fantasies of deep forest, refreshing sunsets, and skinny dips. 
The WYTCH Blend was conjured under a full moon eclipse and during an incredible gathering of women to celebrate and honor one another at an event called De Fem. Inspired by the Swedish artist, channeller and feminist Hilma Af Klint, De Fem event held space for meditation, setting intention and channeling of creativity through art.