2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Wellbeing in partnership with local artisans

Self care gifts are top of mind this holiday season. From signature candles to calm your space, Golden Milk balm for beautiful skin glow, aromatherapy bath salts to soothe anxiety, guided meditation course for better sleep, to a professional astrology soul reading for deeper inquiry. Please support small business owners this year. Wishing you and loved ones a happy and safe holiday season!

1. TEND SIGNATURE CANDLE $45  features notes of pine needle, cedarwood, petitgrain, cypress, and rosemary. When finished burning (50+ hour burn time), the vessel can be used as a planter and is great for succulents like jade, haworthia, and echeveriaby. Tend Greenpoint, owner Joe Ferrari, native of High Falls, NY is the proud shop owner in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. https://www.tendgreenpoint.com/shop/scents/7

2. PALO SANTO RITUAL BUNDLE $38 Perfect for any meditation ritual or space clearing, this Palo Santo is 100% sustainably sourced from the Manitobi coast of Ecuador by local villagers. Comes with a 10 ml essential oil and 3 wood burning sticks, matchbook, in 100% cotton travel pouch.  https://rootandresin.com/products/palo-santo-ritual-kit

3. GOLDEN MILK CLEANSING BALM $36 by Apis Apothecary. Founder, Aviva has spent a decade healing herself through working with plants and animals and has always had an obsession with skincare. Her line provides the highest quality, most effective whole-plant based skincare.  

4. CO-CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE COACHING COURSE $29 by Renee Rotkopf, Soulful Coach. This guided 10 session program is a course on the Art of Manifestation. Integrating spiritual practices and neuroscience, to help empower you and your intention. https://www.reneerotkopf.com/create-a-life-you-love

5. YOUR BODY AND THE STARS, THE ZODIAC AS YOUR WELLNESS GUIDE $10.99 by Astrologer Rebecca Gordon & Dr. Stephanie Marango is a beautiful reference guide book through the lens of the Zodiac to map your wellness. https://www.rebeccagordonastrology.com/thebook

6. CLEARING RITUAL MIST $28 by Root and Resin contains the essential oils of Palo Santo, Lavender, and Black Pepper. Use it to bring calm and inner peace around your body and around your room. https://rootandresin.com/products/clearing-ritual-mist

7. 10 RITUALS FOR A BLISSFUL SLEEP: Guided Sleep Meditation Course $29 by Renee Rotkopf, Soulful Coach. This 10 session journey featuring Binaural Beat brainwave entrainment brings you deeper into the Delta state to experience profound rest at night and more peace during the day. https://www.reneerotkopf.com/sleepcourse

8. 8" Selenite Crystal Tower $30 Selenite is a high vibrational stone with a gentle, calm energy, clears any negative, unwanted energy from a space that works to instill deep peace in its user.  Owner Maria of GratefulGemHead, is a lifelong collector of crystals and minerals. She travels the country to consciously connect with and hand select the stones for her shop,  https://gratefulgemhead.com/collections/crystals/products/8-selenite-tower

Tara Aal is an incredibly talented Evolutionary Astrologer, and in her 75 minute reading, she provides illumination and clarification to stuck patterns and trends in your life through your soul's blueprint or your astrology chart to then empower your highest self to make the best decisions moving forward. https://www.taraaal.com/readings

10. IMMUNITY DIFFUSER BLEND BUNDLE $75 by Root and Resin. Includes a signature 10 ml IMMUNITY Blend and Swiss designed, Stadler Diffuser for a healthy and happy home. IMMUNITY Blend contains essential oils of Clove, Ravinstara, Cypress and Orange. https://rootandresin.com/products/immunity-diffuser-bundle

11. PURE JOY SOAKING SALTS BY AMULETTE STUDIOS $32 is made with Tulsi, Chamomile & Geranium. Amulette Studios is a plant based, alchemical offering birthed by Tanya Hughes, she hand crafts small batch anointing and body oils, potent aromatic sprays, loose incense, nourishing facial care, seasonal surprises and the occasional jewelry. https://www.amulettestudios.com/product/pure-joy-soaking-salts


For an entire hour, lie back and relax, either solo or with friends, for a customized virtual sound bath.  Various alchemy crystal singing bowls will be brought together for you to enhance sensations of deeper relaxation, meditation, healing or transcendence, whatever you are seeking most of at this time.  After the live experience, you will be given a recording to allow the sounds and vibrations to continue to move through, open and uplift you throughout the remainder of this season and onto the next. https://www.thesharededge.com/contact