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How to ground yourself during this holiday season

So what does "grounding" actually mean, you may wonder? According to the Collins English Dictionary, "Grounding yourself, is the process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental and energy state and reconnecting them." It is the act of aligning your heart, mind, and body and bringing it to a level of homeostasis. Some symptoms that may indicate that feeling of 'misalignment' are physical attributes of heart racing rapidly, shaken nerves, inability to sit still, stressful thoughts, insomnia and worrying in the mind...this list can run quite long. 

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Wellbeing in partnership with local artisans

Introducing our 2020 Holiday Community Gift Guide! Self care gifts are top of mind this holiday season. From signature candles to calm your space, Golden Milk balm for beautiful skin glow, aromatherapy bath salts to soothe anxiety, guided meditation course for better sleep, to a professional astrology soul reading for deeper inquiry. Please support small business owners this year. Wishing you and loved ones a happy and safe holiday season!

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