Founder’s Note | Meet Camellia

The creation of Root and Resin is imprinted with wonderfully powerful influences from my lineage, upbringing and life experiences of travels, education, and interpersonal exchanges throughout the years.  

My practice of ritual began at an early age alongside my Chinese emigrant grandmother. Using the natural elements of incense, spices, dried herbs, I was taught the lessons of gratitude for my ancestors and mother earth. 

 During my first Saturn return, at the age of 29, my life path steered me into my work as a wellness practitioner of massage therapy, aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy, astrology and energy work. And along with it, the profound understanding of setting intention and sacred space for healing, change, and transformation. 

 In 2019, I had the joy and privilege of embarking on two aromatherapy expeditions to Sedona, Arizona to learn about the nature and reverence of wild plant gathering. Through ancient indigenous practices, I experienced the profound connection of presence with nature and communion of gratitude in this process. 

 These cumulative timeline experiences are what has given shape and texture to Root and Resin, along with the mission to bring daily ritual through the powerful elements of natural scents for your wellbeing and daily self care. 

 With reverence + gratitude,