My name is Camellia Lee, creator of Root and Resin, and I'd like to share an interesting foreshadow being named after a flower. The Camellia, in the Theaceae family of flowers, is known for its beneficial properties for skin and immune health. Purely coincidental and subliminally influential, as the creator of my company Root and Resin, the mission is to bring health and wellbeing through the healing intelligence of plant botanicals. 

As a first generation Chinese American growing up in NYC, I was also cared for by my grandmother who emigrated from Hong Kong. Throughout my childhood, I was exposed to all kinds of traditional dishes doctored with various medicinal herbs and roots to soothe, nurture, heal, calm, ease physical discomforts that were at times brought on during the change of seasons. My grandmother would ask me to pull down containers of unidentifiable roots, dried mushroom caps, or beans from the jar-lined shelves. These ingredients were added to soups, a regular staple-- its purpose to build and cultivate vitality and strength, support our growth and immune system, my grandmother would say. 

I have dedicated Root and Resin, with the passing of my beloved grandmother, and to my maternal lineage of Chinese medicine women. I carry their tradition of wellness in my twenty years of practice as a licensed healthcare practitioner. My vehicle is through the power and efficacy of aromatherapy, to support the mind, body, and spirit, just as my Grandmother would have done so.