Open Your Space Ritual Kit
Open Your Space Ritual Kit

Open Your Space Ritual Kit

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A complete kit to shift, brighten and lighten the energy in your space, room, and/or to be used before and after meditation, yoga or movement practice. 

Aromatic profile: Opening Ritual Mist contains a bright citrus penetrating sweet herbaceous aroma, following with soft green undertones and tea-like dry down scent. 

Ritual Use: 

1. Begin with lighting white sage using the Root and Resin matchbook. (Be sure to have a plate or seashell to catch the embers of the sage bundle, never leave it unattended.) Sweep the white sage around the area of focus. 

2. Next, spritz the Opening Ritual Mist, around the body and into the space, breathe the aroma in deeply.

3. Notice, sense, feel the shift in your state. 


- Opening Ritual Mist contains the essential oils of White sage (Salvia apiana), Atlas cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), and Blood orange (Citrus sinensis) in distilled water.

- White sage bundle is sustainably grown and harvested in a small farm in California, USA. 

Details: Kit complete with a 2oz Opening Ritual Mist, White sage bundle, Root and Resin matchbook. 

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