A Diffuser: a must-have in a wellness medicine toolkit


An essential oil diffuser is one of the most powerful self care tools to have in a wellness medicine toolkit. It offers the opportunity to experience one or more essential oils at the same time, whether for yourself or the entire family. Essential oils are key to balancing the mind, the body and the spirit and serve as an invaluable resource to access anytime. With the variety and plethora of essential oils ranging from a large palette of sweet, spicy, herbaceous, earthy, woodsy, citrus, minty, floral there is a multitude of use with essential oils. 

Essential oils are not only aromatically pleasant, it offers therapeutic benefits to support the different systems in the body when inhaled through our olfactory system. Citrus oils like the essential oils of orange (Citrus sinensis) or lemon (Citrus limon), when inhaled may help energize the mind and senses, while Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) or Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) may help to relax the mind and calm the nervous system to facilitate sleep and rest for the body. Essential oils also have the ability to rid pathogens in the air to purify the room and thus support the immune system. 

The method of diffusion is one of the easiest ways to experience essential oils. It is the means of dispersing the molecules of essential oils into the atmosphere through an application that helps facilitate this process. Diffusion is also a favorable way to use essential oils since it offers safer means for use around elderly or small children. 

There are different types of diffusers made for the use of essential oils.  A nebulizing diffuser pumps the essential oil molecules through the chamber by way of forced air activated by the motor in the apparatus. While an ultrasonic diffuser disperses the essential oils through the medium of water to hold the drops. 

Through a diffuser, one can also be creative and add different essential oils at once to produce a new desired aroma. One of my favorite combinations is to blend frankincense, lavender and basil essential oils for use during meditation or while in my writing zone. 

If you are new to diffusing, I would recommend starting out with one or two drops and increase accordingly. If you have questions about the brand or type of diffuser to purchase, please do reach out to me as I can recommend my favorite ones. Email rootandresin@gmail.com